if anyone still remembers me, i hope some of you do! I have a new blog! just cos its a little weird coming back to this one

its http://justkennie.tumblr.com

and its about vegan food, pretty pictures and random cute stuff

it would be really nice if some of my old followers followed me :D

if someone promoed me i would actually love them forever :$ 

so yeah i hope to see you there

i have a whole bag of spinach and no idea what to do with it

halp please

i really dont like spinach much

or curry (just in case)

and the question mark?


Sweet potato and lentil cakes #

who wants the recipe for these beasts?

I am back!

Check out new recipe for vegan butternut squash/pumpkin ravioli (although mine look more like dumplings but hopefully you can do a better job at making there)

New recipes will be appearing every week

And dont forget you can also submit your own recipes!!

check out http://kennieskitchen.com 

so i cant really see out of 1 eye

and i still have 1000 words to write on my essay

which also involves a lot of reading


New addition to my flat

Halloween times

vegan style

skinny4eva replied to your post: skinny4eva replied to your post: skinny4eva…

Yummmy!!! Well good luck. I hope you blow his socks off with your cooking! ;)

haha thankyou!!

i think i did that last week tho, i dont let him cook after the first time he attempting to and it just really didnt go down well haha

skinny4eva replied to your post: skinny4eva answered your question: Halp me? Sorry…

OOOH I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I guess I wasn’t much help except the dessert part maybe… My entree suggestion didn’t seem to go through but I guess it’s for the better. For a starter, look up almond stuffed dates. Some are wrapped in bacon (lol) but I’m sure you…

haha its fine, i think ive got it all planned out

doing a tomato soup (home made, not from the can lol) with like super nice bakery bread for starter

home made bean and sweet potato burgers with sweet potato fries

and because thats quite a lot of food i was just gonna do strawberries covered in dark chocolate for desert

+plenty of nice cocktails haha

skinny4eva answered your question: Halp me?

Sorry - Friend/boyfriend? Which is he?? lol. Starter that lal boys love and is easy: Bacon-wrapped scallops. Make sure you precook the bacon

yeaaaahhhh im vegan lol

he’s not getting cooked bacon lol

and its not official (just cos i dont want it to be) but we’re together

Halp me?

so me and my friend/boyfriend always cook each other meals

and its my turn on monday

and im completely out of ideas!!

i need like 

  • starter
  • main
  • dessert

any help would be greatly appreciated!

venusd answered your question: So i have like a million vegetables to use up

Soup! And maybe some guac and salsa with corn chips?

soup does sound good! like a general hearty vegetable soup with potato and cauliflower and carrots and brussels and some lentils and stuff

and maybe leave avocado to another time, dont have any corn chips and not really a fan of guac 

So i have like a million vegetables to use up


  • Cauliflower
  • French beans
  • Avocado
  • Potatoes
  • Little mushroom
  • Tomatoes
  • Brussles 

and i dont know what to make for dinner

so help me?

#bird #watercolour #painting (Taken with Instagram)